Diving in

Hi, I’m Rachel. This is the story of my sea change – moving from the inner suburbs of Melbourne to the regional centre of Geelong. Is it really a sea change, or have I just moved house? Well, let’s look at the evidence. I am closer to the sea – now a 15-minute walk compared to a 50 plus minute tram ride. Geelong with about 280,000 people is a lot smaller than the state capital where the population of five million is still booming. But then it’s not the quaint coastal town peppered with loveable local characters conjured up by the TV series from the late 90s either.

But a sea change is not just about place, it’s also about changing values, balancing work and life – or should I say life and work – differently. The last few years at work have been hard, I have lost my direction. Previously I was aiming to take the next step up the ladder and am gradually realising that is inconsistent with what I really want out of life. My Tattslotto dream would be to travel and spend my days being quietly creative – not really a surprise in light of my previous life choices!

So how can I get more of this? Well knowing and acknowledging what I want is useful. Moving away from the crowds and chaos of the city is a step on the right path. And while I still need to pay the bills, and in the future a mortgage, I will be commuting back to Melbourne for my day job, as many others do. However, working from home one day a week and signing up for a 9-day fortnight should help manage the long days of travel.

Then on the weekends, I hope to take more advantage of my location – getting out and about along the coast, as well as going inland to visit rural towns. I want to find local food, build a new repertoire of recipes and try new techniques like pasta and pastry making. Most of my books are still packed up in boxes but I’d like to dive back into some more serious reading so will join the local library. Of course my phone/camera will be my constant companion, capturing snippets of daily life as well as major highlights.

Join me on what I hope will be an interesting and probably quite challenging journey to find my feet and a new zest for life.

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